Business Law

At my firm, I help small business owners with a variety of situations. Whether you need help forming your company or subsidiary, drafting supporting documents and contracts, or resolving commercial disputes, I am here to assist you. Read about my services in more detail below. 

Corporate Formation & Governance 

I have worked with many types of businesses. Your particular business can benefit from the corporate formation, governance, and operation services offered at my firm. Furthermore, you can rely on me to provide a referral for any additional services you need.

When you allow my office to perform or support the governance of your business, you are lowering your risk of any lapse in your corporate standing or operation. This protects the owners from personal liability, a lapse in business insurance coverage, a potential breach of existing contract terms, and other serious consequences.

Successful businesses invest their time and resources in planning to avoid costly mistakes and to take advantage of market opportunity. My services provide support for both those outcomes.

You Focus on Your Business

Let Me Do the Rest

Contracts & Agreements 

The point of a contract is to clearly set out the terms and conditions of an agreement reached by all parties, with due consideration. The process of forming a contract allows the various consequences of each term or condition to be understood by all parties involved.

If you want to avoid costly misunderstandings and be confident you can enforce the agreement you have made, call my office and set up an appointment.

Business Disputes  

Has your contract been broken by one or more parties?  Although most people like to avoid going to court at all costs, I can help you figure out the best choices at any point in potential — or actual — litigation.

Statutory deadlines and procedures matter in all court proceedings. Litigation is the option to take action in a city, state, or federal court. Its purpose is to enforce or defend a promise or right, to seek or defend a lawsuit for a remedy for a legal wrongdoing, or sometimes, to prevent a wrong.  

I will personally walk you through the timelines, processes, and options so you can make an effective decision.

Business Law Attorney in Topeka, KS

Small businesses are the life blood of economic prosperity, and I enjoy and appreciate being able to serve small businesses. Contact my office today to schedule your free consultation.